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As we begin the new year, let us not lose sight of the reason for the celebration of these past weeks. Remember, it does no good to celebrate the baby in the manger if you do not believe on the Christ of the cross. They are one and the same. T..


Congratulations to Coach Elder and the AoE North girls middle school basketball team who captured third place in their division with the school’s first playoff win 24-8!  The AOE South girls playing in their first season had 2 wins as Coac..

AOE News

AoE students at both the South and North campuses presented delightful Christmas programs prior to their last day of school, December 18th, on which they enjoyed class Christmas parties filled with food and fun before heading home for the holi..

Month of November 2015

Thank you to all who came for our recent Parent / Teacher conferences. We trust you were encouraged by your student’s progress.  Many students have distinguished themselves by making the Honor Roll for the first quarter. We look forward to ..

Update on girls basketball team

Girls middle school basketball: The AoE North girls will play against the AoE South team at Bradley Tech. again on Nov. 21 Thank you to ALL who have come out to support both of the AoE teams this season. The girls tournament will start on Dec...

Congratulation Soccer team

Congratulations to the AoE High School boys soccer team which finished their first season seeded 4th in the WACS conference 6-4-2 record. Major Say received All-State honors and Marcell Vanlandingham received honorable mention.

AOE News

AoE middle and high school students were able to hear Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis speak in Brookfield. Answers in Genesis is an apologetics ministry, dedicated to helping Christians defend their faith and proclaim the gospel of Jesus Chri..

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