Camp Joy Junior Winter Retreat 2017

Camp Joy Junior Winter Retreat 2017
Feb 10-11
The cost is only $35 per person and please bring $5 for the pizza we order after school.
Students will need to remain after school on Friday, Feb10-11 ,so that we can depart after school.
We will return Saturday to Academy of Excellence at approximately 5:30p.m.
Please pick up your student on Saturday promptly at 5:30p.m at Academy of Excellence.
All meals are included at camp, EXCEPT Friday Dinner. We will order pizza for the students and feed them at the school before we leave for camp. Breakfast and Lunch will be provided at camp. They do have a bookstore and snack shop at camp if students wish to bring their own money. Students are responsible for their own money.

Miss M. Melchert: 262-227-1653
Miss T. Melchert: 414-617-3126

What to Bring:
• Bible
• Bedding (pillow, sleeping bag or warm blanket and sheets)
• Towel & Toiletries
• Snow pants, hat, gloves, boots, snow gear
• Cash for snacks at camp

Do NOT bring:
• Electronic devices or Cell phones
• Drugs, Tobacco, or Alcoholic beverages
• Magazines

Clothing- modest and warm. THERE WILL BE SNOW ACTIVITIES!!!
• Girls: dresses or skirts for services, pants for activities. Skirts must be below the knee.
• Boys: Collared shirts and nice pants for services, athletic pants for activities.

I have received and understand the information regarding camp. I will cooperate with the rules for camp.

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Camp Joy Junior Winter Retreat 2017
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